Visualizing My Best Life

In 2018, I was sitting in my divorce attorney’s office, talking about our favorite meditation practices. (Yes, he does meditate regularly, and yes, we talked about it often). He then asked if he could give my name to someone he knew that was working on a visualization app. He had a feeling she needed to meet me. It took a few more months before our paths crossed, standing in line at a farmer’s market one weekend. My attorney turned around and saw that I was standing right next to the person he wanted me to meet. Fate has a way of bringing people together at the right time.

It Was Fate

Meeting Kim Stanley, the co-founder of Veraki, that day was like talking to a long-time friend. We connected on many levels with our similar vision, complementary skill-sets, and desire to help others. Both of us knew we wanted to create an app that could help people everywhere with tools and techniques usually offered in workshops, coaching seminars, and private practices. We agreed that visualization and mindfulness, coupled with emotional awareness, are the key ingredients to changing how the brain sees and perceives.

Kim and I decided to partner up to build this exciting start-up company. Together, along with some incredibly talented and patient developers, we created the Veraki personal growth mobile app. I’m excited to share life skills with you in one convenient place to start making the changes you desire, become more resilient, and effectively use visualization regularly.

How the App and Visualization Works

Upon entering the app, you are lead to create a digital vision board that reflects what you want to experience in your life. Most people tell me when they try to use a vision board, nothing happens. Using the specifically designed kits in the app, you’ll learn the most effective way to create your vision.

Your vision starts with clarity. Your vision board doesn’t need to include every single thing you want to change, do, or create in life. Each exercise encourages you to start with just one thought. Name what’s important to you now. Work with that thought and the emotion it evokes and build from there.

Then couple your vision board experience with recorded visualizations, daily dose lessons, journaling exercises, and short articles to get the most out of the app.

How These Tools Helped Me

I’ve been using tools like these throughout my adult life. And I relied on them heavily when I was ending my marriage. At that time, it felt like life as I had known it was a vase shattered into a thousand pieces beyond repair. I kept looking at the shards, wondering what life would look like if I got them back together again. This gave me a choice to feel into what I wanted, visualize the future I desired, and open myself up to new possibilities. I had to retrain my brain to see opportunities instead of dead-ends and dark alleys.

Every morning, I wrote down what I was grateful for at that moment. Then I looked at my vision board filled with images that helped me feel free and strong. Then I did my meditation/visualization practice. Throughout the day, I connected with my desired feelings of freedom and strength. And every night, I reviewed what actions I took that helped me solidify those feelings.

Practice, Grow, and Dream

This was my main-stay routine – every day. Little by little, something shifted inside. I made new connections with a community of strong women, friends, and family. And each day, my brain saw new opportunities to live the way my heart desired.

Veraki was created during this time. My work as co-founder and chief content organizer has challenged me to keep growing, keep dreaming, and keep practicing using all the tools we’ve included in the app. Now I get to share it with you.

How will you use Veraki? The new year is a great time to start something new for yourself. I’m excited to hear your story.