Veraki’s Collective Vision Event

For some of us, it’s been months; for some, weeks; but for the whole world, time has passed in a different way. With this newness, we may find ourselves reflecting and questioning, “what do we want to see next?” That’s why we formed Veraki’s Collective Vision Event.

The pause button on life as we know it will release at some point, and then, what will we remember from this time that can serve in a positive way for our future?

What if we could collect everyone’s ideas about what they want to see into one place, creating one large world vision board? This is our intention.

share your inspiration with Veraki's Collective Vision Event

How does it work?

On Friday, May 1st, we’ll host a Live Facebook Event on the Veraki page introducing the event and kicking it off. During those next seven days, people from all over the world are encouraged to submit their inspiration in the form of a photo and caption on the Connect Page found in the Veraki app. This page becomes a collection of the positive actions and ideas of our entire community of users. Then, on Friday, May 8th, we’ll go Live again with guests sharing their ideas, stories, and desired action steps.

Why does it work?

We are stimulated by images and ideas that are tied to a meaningful purpose. Seeing an entire vision board created for the positive impact of our future moves people into action.

The vision board can help form personal goals and encourage you to stay connected to what you want. Overall, our collective vision board is created as a reminder for what comes next.

We Need Your Participation

We have one week (May 1-8) to inspire action and create this exciting vision board. With your help of spreading the word and participating all week long, we can get more people involved. This unique time has given us lessons to learn and grow from. This is our chance to remember and keep focused on what we want to see long after the crisis has passed.

Maybe, you already have a passion or mission. By using the world vision board along with the personal vision boards that can be created on the app, you can stay motivated while sharing your mission or project with a larger audience.

Here’s How You Can Help

  • post about Veraki’s Collective Vision Event during the week of May 1-8th
  • #tagyourvision #collectivevisionevent
  • submit images or stories in our app on the Connect Page
  • Watch the two Live events on Facebook (May 1st at noon CT and May 8th at noon CT); and share your vision by posting in the comments

Supporting One Another

Veraki’s mission is to educate people about visualization tools and support them to visualize their goals while they take action. Let’s help each other make our visions a reality.