Train Your Brain for Personal Growth

For decades, professional athletes and performers have used mental rehearsal and mindfulness to improve their abilities. Research has proven an increase in agility and muscle mass, while also improving the mind/body connection in those who use visualization and mindfulness on a regular basis for their skill improvement (Moore, 2009) (Ranganathan, Siemionow, Liu, Sahgal, Yue, 2004). But did you know, you can train your brain for your own personal growth when you use these same tools?

competitive swimmers use visualization just as you can for your personal growth

You can use them to improve areas of your life like:

  • getting ready for a presentation
  • preparing for a test
  • creating and maintaining a new habit
  • asking for a promotion or raise
  • improving relationships
  • finding a healthier work/life balance
  • designing a vacation
  • planning for retirement
  • and so much more…

Visualization is more than just seeing yourself in a scenario. You need to emotionally connect to your vision and make it as vivid as possible. But how do you connect to a feeling about something that you’ve never experienced before? It’s important to start where you are.

Your desired vision has a “why” that motivated you to dream it in the first place. Ask yourself, “why do I want this?” Then feel into your answer. What emotion does it elicit?

Let’s take one example: You may be excited about the possibility of getting a raise, but why do you want it? Maybe it will provide you with more money which enables you to pay off your debts. How does this thought make you feel? Free – perhaps? What does freedom feel like? Now, when you visualize yourself asking for the raise, feel the emotion of freedom, security, stability, or anything else that came to you when you felt into the image. Practicing the seeing and the feeling together prepares your body and mind for the next step – taking action.

The Veraki app helps you practice the seeing and feeling of your vision. When you train your brain in these two areas daily, the steps to take towards making it a reality become clear. With weekly check-ins, you can track your progress and connect with others to keep your motivation strong while you train your brain to a new way of being. Try the Goal Setting Kits in the app and start your personal growth journey today.