Top Tips for Working From Home

Whether you’ve always worked from home, or if this Shelter-in-Place time has forced you into this new terrain, here are the top tips for working from home and staying (relatively) sane.

Top tips for working at home

Create a Routine

When you get out of bed in the morning, where does your mind go?… Okay, maybe we need to back up and first ask, “What time are you getting up?” For some of us, this whole stay-at-home-and-work thing has messed with the normal morning routine. Instead of the alarm going off at 5:00 a.m., the new rising time is “whenever I’m ready (or whenever the dog or kids start begging for breakfast).”

So let’s start with getting up at a regular time. A general routine helps keep the mind fresh. It’s great to finally give yourself a full night’s rest. But, keep a consistent rising time and notice if your energy improves.

Create the Right Mindset

Now, let’s revisit the first question, “When you get out of bed, where does your mind go?” If we connect to how we want to shape our day and feel into the core emotion we desire, our mindset gives us a mini boost for the morning. Use the Veraki app to look at your vision board or at least one image that inspires you, reminding you of what you want. Do you want to feel more productive, more patience, or more gratitude? What image helps ignite that feeling in you? Now, couple it with a short visualization recording from the app or your own positive statement for the day. You’re ready to move to the next tip for your work at home day.

Create a List of What You Enjoy Doing

Write down all the things you like to do when you’re home. Yes, you can even include watching movies, laying on the sofa, or even playing Xbox. Look at the list and, as you read it, notice if each one makes you feel good, anxious, relaxed, etc. Delete the ones that really don’t match the mindset you created that morning. The rest will be considered your sanity break activities.

Create Breaks in Your Work Day

As you start your work for the day, give yourself breaks every 75-90 minutes. For those with little ones at home, you may already have this built in timer provided by their desire to be with you. Too often, when we’re not used to working from home with distractions or family members around, we operate on a “cram-it-all-in-at-once” desire. You may find yourself trying to get just one more thing done even though the kids are crying, the dog is barking, or your stomach is growling. Try scheduling a complete stop to whatever you’re doing, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Be fully present with that moment. Before the break ends, look at your vision board on the Veraki app again or read an inspiring article from the Learn Page. Try using one of the Breathing Breaks in the Exercises. Then get back to work.

Create a Celebrated End to the Work Day

Make a commitment to ending your official work day at a particular time. Close the laptop. Stack it under some books. Don’t be tempted to go back for just one more thing that eventually keeps you tied back to the screen for 3 more hours.

You did it! You finished whatever could get finished for today. Cut yourself some slack if all your to-do’s didn’t get done. What was that core desire feeling you started the day with? Can you tap into that feeling again? The work will always be there; something more can always be added to the list. But if you really want to stay sane during these confined days at home, learn to put an official stop to work and connect with family and friends or pick an activity from your sanity list and enjoy.

Join Veraki for a Facebook Live event, Wednesday, March 25 at 1:00 CT when we’ll discuss these tips and more ideas for staying sane while working from home. Missed us live? Watch the replay on our page. Visit our website to learn more about the Veraki personal growth app.