The Personal Growth App You Need Right Now

Personal growth may be a personal journey, but it doesn’t have to be solo. Nor should it. To have the most success, you need the right tools and a community to support you as you grow. That’s where Veraki comes in. This app will help you build lasting life skills and give you the support to make those skills turn into habits and routines that stick. Here’s how this personal growth app integrates into your lifestyle to work for you:

Learn New Skills

Using the Veraki app, you’ll learn skills that relate to your daily life and goals. Search by topics or kits to find a program and tools that will guide you, the way a life coach would. Like Headspace or Calm, Veraki offers guided sessions on different topics. But instead of focusing heavily on meditation, this personal growth app specializes in visualization, mindfulness, and personal reflection exercises.

mobile app for personal growth

Use Visualization to Drive Action

Each visualization in the Veraki app teaches you how to move through life, no matter what is happening. From specifics like, how to be in service and connecting with others, to instant guided practices to help with stress management, emotional triggers, and changing your perspective, you can find the visualizations that fit your needs. But it doesn’t stop there. Veraki’s visualizations are accompanied by articles, journal prompts, and mindfulness exercises that offer a well-rounded approach to your personal growth.

Well-Rounded Programs

Personal growth requires an approach that feels accessible. That’s why we include a variety of tools and strategies beyond meditations like Headspace or Calm offer. While meditation can be a crucial component of personal growth, it isn’t the only one, nor does meditation always feel doable for everyone. The Veraki app takes into account different learning styles and integrates a variety of tools including: recordings, journal prompts, an electronic vision board, breathing practices, and a personalized journal to record your journey.

Approachable Content

Personal growth can be intimidating, but Veraki makes it accessible. Using straightforward language and a sense of community, every visualization and prompt feels like it’s coming from someone you know and trust. Using Veraki is like having a personal life coach on call to walk you through challenges and help you reach your goals.

Keep Growing

Veraki wants to keep growing with you. New content is added weekly for all subscribers, unlike other apps where content is only added for certain packages. The Veraki freemium structure makes it easy for anyone to get something out of the app instead of having to repeat the same content over and over again. When you’re ready to dive even deeper into particular topics, the Veraki premium subscription will be available for you. Everyone should have an opportunity to grow!

Are you ready to get started? Open the Veraki App and log in. We’ll support you every step of the way.