Set Your Mind and Achieve Your Goals

With every new year comes new goals and resolutions, but how many times have you gotten to mid-January only to fall off the wagon? This year, set yourself up for success by creating routines that last longer than January. Routine building is the key to developing successful habits that allow you to focus, visualize, and achieve your long term goals. 

Here’s our tips on how to turn those New Year’s Resolutions into habit-forming routines:

Integrate & Eliminate

Before you set your goals and create your routines, you need to decide what really needs to be there. To do that, we recommend making a list of things to integrate and eliminate. Take a fresh page in your journal (physical or digital) and make a list with two columns. On one side, list the things you need to add to your routine. For example, if you want to exercise more, you need to add in workouts, walks, and daily stretches. On the second side, list the things you want to eliminate. For the same routine of exercising more, you add staying up late watching Netflix. Use this exercise to prioritize what needs to be in your routine and what won’t help you get closer to your goal.

Start Small

Change is most impactful when it happens in small, consistent steps over time. Take your bigger goals and break them into small actions that you can complete—starting small builds confidence while allowing ample time for adjustments to happen along the way.

morning routine

Use Time as a Tool

There’s a reason why we associate many routines with a time of day. That’s because doing the same thing at the same time each day helps build consistency and routine. This consistency reduces your brain’s need to make decisions. If you want to visualize every morning, try doing it at the same time each day. That way, you never have to think about fitting it in or deciding when to do your visualization practice. Instead, it’ll become a habit, and you’ll be more successful. 

Have Fun

Set yourself up for success by aligning your new routines and goals with things you enjoy. If you want to exercise more, choose an exercise you love! Want to cook more homemade meals? Follow a food blogger you like and make recipes they suggest, or play a fun playlist while you’re cooking. Setting goals doesn’t have to be boring!

Track Your Progress

Keep track of what’s working in your routine and what’s more challenging. By tracking your progress, you can identify patterns in your daily routines. When you look at those patterns, you’ll be able to adapt your routine to make it work better for you. 

Reflect on the Journey

Don’t wait to celebrate the end goal. Allow yourself to reflect on your journey and reward yourself for the small wins. Change never happens overnight, so allow yourself to look back and see how far you’ve come. 
We’re here to help you create new routines and reach your goals this New Year and beyond. To start your personal growth journey and establish your 2021 routines, download the Veraki App in the App Store or Google Play.