Reignite Your Dreams for Personal Growth

Personal growth moves us out of comfortable routines. It invites you to question, to dream, and to believe in something bigger than what you currently see. If you want to create something that hasn’t been done in your life yet, you need to break out of the analytical box you’ve trained yourself to live in, and bring back that child-like dreamer. Learn how to reignite your dreams for personal growth and see where they can take you.

When you were younger, let’s say, between the ages of 7-12, what activities held your attention the longest? What did you dream about becoming? Do you remember feeling like anything was possible? Can you still connect with that feeling or have you lost your ability to dream something big for your life? Do you tend to everyone else’s needs and goals before your own? Childhood memories can help you reignite your dreaming self, and envision what you really desire in your life now.

It’s human nature to repeat the familiar. There’s a sense of safety in doing things again and again. We store these experiences in our minds and analyze the pros and cons of anything new before deciding if it’s feasible or not. However, this analytical mindset can be limiting because it doesn’t always support jumping into the unknown.

Reignite your dreams to kick start your personal growth


It all starts with playing. Go back to the things you did as a kid. Dance, sing, explore, create, and get your hands messy with something fun. If your heart feels lighter and you lose track of time doing it, then, you’ve found the right type of play. Play every day, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes. Playing frees up space to dream.

Free Write

Give yourself 10-20 minutes each day to let your mind wander after you play. If you like to write, let your pen fly across the paper. Here are some simple prompts to get you rolling:

  • Take your 7 year old self on an adventure. Where would you go? What would you do?
  • List 10 activities you’ve always wanted to try
  • Pick one of those activities and describe how it would feel
  • See yourself 10 years from now. What would you be doing?
  • How can you incorporate your favorite hobbies into your day?
  • Describe how you feel after playing. Make it as vivid as possible so you can connect to the feeling whenever you want.

Envision Your Goals

Now that your mind is loosened up, start envisioning what you really desire. Do you want to learn to cook? Go back to school? Travel to a new place? Become certified in something? If these goals make your heart sing or align with your core desired feeling, then it’s time to put them on a vision board.

Create a Vision Board

Collect images that express your goals. Include an image that reminds you to play. Even taking a picture of the word “Play” is great to use. Look at your board daily. Continuous use of your vision board trains your brain to see new ways to reach your goals.

It’s a perfect time to reignite the dreamer in you. What do you envision for your life? You can start with one area or include several. Let your playfulness open your mind to trying something new. Visualize your goal happening now and use your vision board to keep the connection vivid. We’re here to support and inspire you along the way. More resources are available on the Goal Setting Kits in the app. Or follow us @realveraki on social media or learn more through our website.