Personal Growth Starts with Gratitude

Personal growth comes from a place of willingness. If you feel stuck or constricted in your thinking, it will be more challenging to make the changes you desire. So, before embarking on any goal or change, it’s ideal that your personal growth starts with gratitude. This emotion helps unfetter limited thinking and move you into a more open-hearted state of being.

Journaling is a great way for your personal growth to start with gratitude

Start Right Now

Try this quick exercise:

  • for the next 3 minutes, list out all the things/people/experiences you’re grateful for.
  • After you’re done, read over the list. How does it make you feel?

When you tap into this feeling of gratitude, something changes in your brain chemistry. The HeartMath Institute in California has decades of research pointing to the positive changes that occur within the heart/brain connection when you focus on the feeling of gratitude.

When your brain and body are coherent, or working in harmony with one another, your perception is widened and possibilities seem abundant. It is this state of being that you want to connect to when seeing your goal.

If the possibilities for your goal seem limitless, you can dream bigger, set stronger goals, and remain connected to the feeling you get from them. This feel-good state then becomes something else you can be grateful for. The gratitude loop continues.

So, before you even start making your vision board within the Veraki app, try this quick gratitude visualization. More recordings and exercises like these can be found in the app. Continue these gratitude practices so you’ll have a more creative session when you begin your vision board.