Mindfulness Techniques to Boost Your Productivity

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or unable to focus? Maybe you’ve experienced writer’s block or a to-do list that seems endless. Taking a break in the middle of something can seem counterproductive, but it might be what you need most. Mindfulness techniques can boost your productivity. Follow these tips to pause, refocus, and get back on track.

Change Your Scenery

When you feel stuck or stressed, change your physical scenery (not just your Zoom background). If possible, go outside and take a walk to recharge and reset. Fresh air, sunlight, and movement are all great tools to boost creativity and productivity. If finding time is challenging, consider building a change of scenery into your day. Take a walking meeting or bring the kids to the park for a picnic lunch. Make it consistent so it becomes your new mindful habit. 

Break Up Your List

The neverending to-do list. It’s what nightmares are made of! Instead of letting your to-do list rule your life, break it up into manageable segments. Then schedule stopping points into your day while completing each segment. These simple 3-10 minute refresh moments are a way to mindfully gain more energy so you can continue with each step.  And don’t forget to give yourself grace if everything doesn’t get done. You’re only human, after all. 

Do a Visualization Practice

Visualization is the perfect mindfulness technique to boost your productivity and refocus. Using a guided visualization allows you to step back and connect to the emotions that motivated you in the first place. Find a quiet space where you can sit and breathe for several minutes. Then, try this three-minute visualization. The Veraki app provides a library filled with visualizations like these to help you in specific areas. Practice with a visualization anytime your mind and body need a break. 

Reflect on What’s Worked So Far

Instead of only focusing on what’s left to do, take time and space to reflect on what you’ve already accomplished. Celebrating wins is a great way to stay motivated and excited about what’s left to do. It’s also an effective way to improve your processes. What worked well and what didn’t? How can you improve things moving forward?

stay hydrated to boost your productivity

Check-in On Your Physical Needs 

Sometimes when we’re so focused on accomplishing a specific task, we forget to check-in with our basic needs. If you’re dehydrated, hungry, or tired, it will have an impact on your ability to stay efficient and get work done effectively. Use your time to pause to check-in and give your body what it needs to keep moving forward.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, we hope these mindful techniques will help boost your productivity and keep you focused. If you’d like more tips and visualizations that support your personal growth and overall wellness, download the Veraki app.