Introducing The New Veraki Freemium Subscription

You asked for it, and we’ve responded. The Veraki Freemium Subscription is here, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. We’re excited to bring free content to anyone who wants it and continue building our community. But first, follow these simple steps to update your app and keep your personal growth journey growing with Veraki.

When you download the app in the App Store or in Google Play, these screens appear. Learn skills that benefit your well-being; articles and exercises under 5 minutes; guided lessons on visualization and mindfulness; visualize and stay focused on your goals; connect and share your journey on the social platform. Your Freemium Subscription is ready now.

If you’re a current monthly subscriber

To switch to the freemium subscription, cancel your existing plan through either Apple or Google, then download the app again from the Apple Store or Google Play. You now have the new Freemium plan and will receive the basic content at no charge.

If you’re a current yearly subscriber

You don’t have to do anything until your billing cycle ends. Then, you’ll be asked if you’d like to continue with the Premium Subscription. This is also when you’ll be able to cancel your subscription or change your plan to the Freemium Subscription.

If you’re brand new to Veraki

Download the app on your mobile device and start using the Freemium Subscription.

What’s included in the new freemium subscription?

The Freemium Subscription includes:

  • A different Daily Dose lesson seven days a week
  • Five free Just Breathe exercises
  • Featured Visualization each week
  • Specific life skill kits
  • A select library of visualization recordings
  • Go-to practices for what you need now
  • You’ll also have access to the Vision Board creation page as well as the Journal Page.

We’re growing, just like you are

You may have noticed additional kits and content available with the Premium Subscription*. We’ve listened to what you want to see, and our team has developed new features on the app’s dashboard as well as deeper dives into the content. Premium subscribers receive:

  • the Freemium content
  • additional kits, boosts, and lessons
  • new content every month
  • premium access to a private YouTube page filled with lessons, discussions, and special events.

*To upgrade your account, choose the Premium Subscription as an in-app purchase for $12.99/month or $69.99/year.

Thank you for being part of our growing community! If you have any questions about your subscription, please email us at