How to Work on Personal Growth in Times of Crisis

When times are tough, focusing on personal growth can fall to the wayside. But we believe that challenging experiences are when the most growth can happen. So, the next time you encounter difficulties, stay steadfast in your routines and use your mindfulness routines to manage stress. If you’re looking for reasons why times of crisis are some of the most important times to focus on your growth, read on. 

Challenges Make Us Stronger

As the great Kelly Clarkson once sang, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” and we certainly believe those words to be true. Difficult times are what shape us and help us build resiliency. While it can be tough to remember in the moment, use your visualization practice to tap into the strength you want to experience after you overcome the challenges you currently face.

Understand Your Emotions

How do you react when life gets tough? Times of crisis can be an excellent opportunity to reflect and notice what emotions come up. Allow yourself to feel everything and pay attention to what triggers you. Give yourself time and space to understand your feelings and reflect or even journal about them. 

Build Stronger Relationships

Your support system is more important than ever during times of crisis. Instead of going inward, reach out and connect with others. By strengthening your relationships and leaning on those around you, you’ll feel more supported and can crowdsource ways to manage the situation from others who may have been these in the past. 

self care

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is always important, but when you’re struggling, it’s critical for your mental health. Use tough times to discover what brings you out of dark places. Is it yoga? Visualization? A phone call with a loved one? Hone in on your self-care routines and establish habits that will get you through tough times. 

Stay Focused on Your Goals 

Just because things are hard doesn’t mean you should give up. When you’re struggling is when you should focus on what you want. What do you want to see in your future? Practice visualizing and journaling about your goals to maintain the motivation to push through the challenges. 

gratitude journal

Practice Gratitude 

While it can be easy to focus on the things going wrong, don’t forget about the good things. Practicing gratitude can dilute the feelings of hopelessness and bring positivity back to your outlook.

Wherever you are on your personal growth journey, remember to stay the course. When challenging times arise, the tools you’re working on will help you move past the struggle and get stronger in the process. If you’re looking to start your journey, download the Veraki App today.