How to Use Visualization as a Tool to Beat Anxiety

Are you feeling stressed? First, know that you aren’t alone — the ongoing pandemic has increased stress levels among adults nationwide. As common as it is, there are ways to manage it with the right tools, including visualization. We’ve put together some tips on how to use visualization as a tool to beat anxiety. The next time you feel overwhelming stress, come on, take a step back and give these practices a try.

Close Your Eyes

The simple practice of closing your eyes can take you out of a stressful environment. Even if you can’t take yourself out of the physical space, closing your eyes makes it possible to disconnect from some of the stressors that might be causing you anxiety.   

Breathe Deeply

Take your focus to your breath. By bringing all of your attention to each inhale and exhale, you can divert attention to the things causing you anxiety. Deep breathing on its own is a natural stress reliever and will efficiently relax your body and mind. 

beat anxiety with visualization

Imagine You’re Somewhere Else

Start visualizing that you’re physically somewhere that truly relaxes you. Whether it’s a meadow surrounded by mountains or a white sandy beach, be specific. What do you smell? What sounds do you hear? Think through each of your senses and picture yourself in this place that brings you ease. 

Revisit a Positive Memory

If creating an image from scratch doesn’t resonate, draw upon a happy memory. Remember how you felt, what you were wearing, and who else was there with you. The best part about recreating a memory in a visualization is that you can fill in the blanks with whatever makes you feel most at ease. The more details you fill in, the more relaxed you’ll start to feel. 

Use a Guided Visualization

Instead of creating an image or memory in your visualization, opt to be guided instead. Using the Veraki app, choose a visualization that speaks to you. Focus on your breath and follow along with the visualization. 

Slowly Return to Present 

Regardless of which style of visualization you’ve used to reduce anxiety, take your time to come back to the present. Take as much time as you need to return to a less stressful reality. 

Whenever you’re stressed, remember that visualization can help. To start practicing visualization and learn new tools to assist with your wellness journey, download Veraki today in the App Store or Google Play.