Creating the Ultimate Vision Board

Top Tips for creating your ultimate vision board from the International Relationship & Lifestyle CoachesJan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas

Creating the Ultimate Vision Board

Are you craving more balance in your life? Do you feel you’re being pulled in every direction and becoming emotionally drained? Try creating the ultimate vision board to find a balance between your personal and professional interests.

However, most vision boards end up being either starkly bare, or quite cluttered with an overload of information. Too many images leave you feeling emotionally depleted with sensory overload. And if your images lack emotional inspiration, your life purpose and goals become murky.

Tip: Focus on selective goals

Which of these 5 areas do you want to include in your balanced life?

Career Success

Career success can be defined in various ways. Some find it in work through financial gain. Others find it in a career that brings them joy and gratitude servicing a greater good.

When it comes to your vision board, find images that represent your current occupation AND your future career goals. Be selective about which images align with your definition of career success. Choose an image that represents the feeling you want in your current career and another image that inspires your ultimate career goal.

After establishing a clear vision, create achievable action steps to reach your goal. Write down your needed steps along with an accountability date. Stay consistent with taking action.

Tip: Create your vision, develop the steps, and take action every day

Cultivate A Romantic Relationship

Do you envision yourself being in a healthy relationship or would you like to see your current relationship grow to a deeper level of commitment? Pick images that tap into how you want to feel in this relationship.

Bringing your love goals to fruition requires creating space in your weekly schedule for dates and making new connections, online or offline. If you are happily committed, you may select inspirational images for date night activities as a way to keep the spark alive. At the end of the day, what matters most is carving out the quality time on a daily basis so your relationship goals are achieved within a given time frame.

Tip: When you make yourself a priority, a partner will make you a priority, too

Social Interactions

From traveling to places on your bucket list to attending social events, time with your friends and having new experiences are equally important. Great friends are there to support you through the ups and downs and deserve a top spot in your balanced lifestyle. And new experiences help bring a freshness into your regular routine.

Tip: It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have by your side

Try experiencing more casual bonding time with friends. Having them over for game night once or twice a month can keep your relationships thriving for a lifetime. Pick images that remind you of keeping that closeness with them. The ideas are endless.

Also, try using images of your next vacation or destination to keep you excited and motivated to try something new.

Pursuing A Passion Project

Having a passion project is vital to your personal and professional success. Incorporating a hobby or project into your lifestyle adds depth to your character while generating positivity and strength to your perspective.

Tip: Let your passion fuel your pursuit of happiness

Pursuing your passion gives you the ability to prioritize yourself, learn something new, build inner confidence, as well as your self-worth by adding value to your life. These attributes lead to higher rates of personal success and overall lifestyle gratification.

It’s best to engage with your project at least once a week for optimal fulfillment. Remember to include an image of this project or hobby on your vision board as a reminder of what brings you joy.

Healthy Habits

Health is a priority if you want to achieve balance in life. If you lack the ability to love and nurture your body, the rest of your goals will be challenging to reach. A healthy nutritional regimen and workout routine are essential to balancing your mind with your body.

Try picking images of healthy recipes and fitness interests for your vision board. Choose ones that inspire you to stay consistent.

Tip: Balance is critical to leading a healthy life

Creating the ultimate vision board is just the first step to achieving lifestyle balance. Once your vision board is complete, use it every day.

By seeing it and feeling the emotions connected to it, you’ll become naturally motivated to pursue all your goals and carve out personal time to take actionable steps. Add reminders in your calendar to help hold you accountable to each action. Your vision board gives you clarity and certainty so you can feel aligned with your life purpose.

Entwined Lifestyles Jan and Jillian Yuhas

Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas, MA, MFT, CPC, are International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches, founders of Entwined Lifestyle, and Creators of the Entwined Method and Powerless to Boundary Badass Coaching Programs. You can find them at or on IG/FB @entwinedlifestyle.