Create a Visualization Practice with Veraki

Visualization is a powerful personal growth tool. From helping manage stress to improving performance, the practice can benefit anyone. This article will share our perspective on the importance of visualization and offer actionable steps on how you can learn and enhance your practice. 

What is it?

Visualization is a technique that connects thoughts and emotions to create a mental picture. Similar to meditation, visualization can relax the mind and body. Unlike meditation, visualization is more open-ended and involves creating a clear vision. That vision can be created by tuning into emotions or creating a vivid image of a future goal in your mind.

How it Works

As the proverb goes, seeing is believing. And that’s the basic premise. If you see or feel something, it becomes a memory in your mind. Visualization activates the occipital lobe and helps the brain’s neurons perform as if the visualized scene was occurring in that moment. This mental image makes new actions or goals feel more familiar.

Get Clear on Your Vision

The key to your practice is your vision. Get clear on your core beliefs and personal mission. Use that work to guide your vision. Vision boards and journaling are two ways to work on narrowing your focus and finding clarity. 


Use Veraki to Enhance Your Practice

Deepen your practice with guided visualizations and prompts to sharpen your vision and get you closer to your goals. These three resources will help you refine your practice and create routines that work for you. 

  1. Effective Visualization Kit: Follow the steps in this kit and practice using this powerhouse tool to improve your performance, clarify your goals, and strengthen your mission.
  2. The Visualization Library: Pick your favorite visualization to use regularly. Each time visualize, you strengthen new connections in your brain.
  3. Featured Visualization: Not sure where to start? Use the Featured Visualization for a full seven days. If you’re not a premium subscriber, this is a great way to get a taste of the content.

Create a Consistent Routine

The more consistent your visualization becomes, the easier it’ll be to see your vision and take action steps. As you develop a consistent routine, you’ll learn what types of visualizations work for you and how to adapt your practice for different goals.

Wherever you are on your growth journey, we’re here to support you. Connect with us on social media or download the Veraki App in the App Store or Google Play.