Partners with a Vision

We created Veraki to combine all the personal growth tools into one app, making it easier and more accessible.

We’re committed to building a community where inspiration, motivation, and visualization moves us into action towards our goals. When we work together, our dreams can impact a much larger population. 

Our team practices the tools we provide to our community. We visualize, create vision boards, meditate, take action steps, reflect, and celebrate our small steps along the way. We use the Personal Journal Page for reflection, just like you do! We are here to support one another. Let’s journey together and live the life we envision. 

Our Team

Kim Stanley
Co-Founder, President

An entrepreneur with 20+ years in high growth education and tech start-ups, Kim brings her expertise in changing people’s lives through education and direction.

Sandy Dixon
Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

Practitioner, teacher, and educator of meditation, mindfulness, and embodied practices, Sandy has over 30 years of experience educating and guiding students of all ages.